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Welcome to Reversal Games LLC, an indie game development company started in 2020. We are a small but passionate team working on multiple projects and kickstarters. We hope to share our work and have fun while doing so!


About Reversal Games

Reversal Games LLC is an indie game design studio dedicated to creating fun, accessible games that anyone can enjoy. Born out of the COVID 19 crisis, we found that life was too short and unpredictable to stay chained to a 9 to 5 job. Risking it all, we are dedicated to following our passion in creating memorable games for everyone. To us, there's nothing better than grabbing a couple of friends and playing games all night long.


Our Games


Kickstarted March 2021


Tome is classic Trick-taking action with a magical twist. Take turns playing the strongest spell from your hand to try and win the game, use special spells and the trump Element to your advantage. When the dust settles, the strongest spell wins! A player can cast any spell from their hand on their turn, but only those who adhere to the ancient rules of magic, the Chain, can harness the forces of magic and gain their power.

Photo Credits: @friedicedesign on instagram


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